Surgical Procedure

Your procedure is conducted in our state of the art, surgery center under comfortable IV sedation. This lets you rest comfortably all through the procedure and your surgeon to finish the work more effectively. Short procedure times translate to faster recuperation times. Many patients have told us the placement of a dental implant is less painful versus the extraction of a tooth.

For the majority of patients placement of dental implants involved two procedures, the first where implants are placed and the second about 6-12 weeks later. During this time period, the dental implants sit beneath the top of the gumline, slowly binding and integrating with your jawbone. You will be able to wear a temporary partial or denture in this time frame if you so desire.

The 2nd, nonsurgical treatment will begin after the recovery period, where we will attach a small post or abutment to the dental implant that the dentist will use to secure the new crown, bridge or denture.